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Rules to Achieve Optimal Health

When talking about health and nutrition, it’s easy to get confused, even the health experts often have different opinions. Despite opposition there are many healthy tips are backed by research. To gain optimal health just follow these simple rules every day

1. Nurture your Body

As we age our ability to fight infections weakens. Focus on real foods, unprocessed foods, nutrient dense foods, not foods that are factory produced in mass quantities. . Start every day with an MBS Protein Boost to keep you focused and full of energy all day strong. To order go to and order a box today.

2. Avoid Excess Stress

Letting stress control you is a recipe for disaster, manage your emotions, be mindful of negative self-talk, create balance and find your happy everyday! Stress can raise cortisol levels, which can cause weight gain and can also contribute to depression. To calm your stress, go for a walk and get some fresh air, meditate and focus on your breathing, simplify your life.

3. Don’t Go On A Diet

I’m sure you’ve heard a million times “Diets Don’t Work” the mindset of dieting doesn’t work especially in the long term. For this reason it is vital that you instead make a lifestyle change, it’s a journey not a destination. It takes time to develop good healthy habits.

4. Nurture your Relationships

For the most part, our intention is to have a loving, positive, connection with someone, however there is a disconnect within that intention and our day-to-day responsibilities and distractions neglect feeding and nurturing those important relationships. Think of it like a bank account you can’t withdraw money if you haven’t made any deposits, so if you keep withdrawing without making any deposits the likelihood of this method will eventually have you in arrears. The more deposits you make, when you finally have to withdraw, it will likely be easier to navigate and resolve. Basically, keep the bank full and make more deposits than withdrawals to secure a solid foundation for your future.

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