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Grocery Shopping Tips For Clean Eating

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Grocery Shopping Tips For Clean Eating

Hey guys what’s up, this is Tricia with Mind, Body, and Soul aka MBS Protein Boost. I hope you guys are having an awesome spectacular day!

So one of the tips on my last video for staying fit this winter was “eat clean” so today I’m going to share some “Grocery Shopping Tips For Clean Eating” You walk into the store all excited to start a clean eating regimen and suddenly you feel lost and overwhelmed. You begin reading labels and the ingredient list alone has you baffled and confused, what is healthy, what is not. By this time your motivation starts to waiver. It really doesn’t have to be that difficult, just be mindful of everything you put in your basket. Ask yourself does this have any nutritional value and if the ingredient list looks more like a short novel then the answer would be no. Here are just a few tips to get you started…

1. Shop The Perimeter

No matter what grocery store you walk into you will notice that all the packaged and processed foods are in the middle aisles, while the perimeter is where you will find your healthier foods. (Produce, meats and fish, dairy, whole grains) By shopping from the perimeter food is generally fresh, so you can better control the fat and sodium intake in your diet. Many foods in the center aisles contain preservatives and additives having a longer shelf life. Foods that are fresh need to be refrigerated to keep them fresh and have a shorter shelf life.

2. Stick to the “Dirty Dozen” List

Buy organic if you can and stick to the “dirty dozen” list when buying produce. This list of produce has high concentrations of pesticides even after washing them according to the 2019 Environmental Working Group (EWG) The rule of thumb is anything that has a thin skin like, tomatoes, grapes, cherries, spinach, etc., so stick to organic. I was surprised to see Kale on the list.

3. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods are the enemy!! Anything in a box, bag, or can is most likely processed except maybe canned beans. If it has a short ingredient list that you can pronounce then it’s probably ok but most importantly stay away from anything that has corn syrup. Corn syrup is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic, which we all know can lead to other serious health issues.

4. Stay Away From GMO’s

Genetically Modified Foods. I just recently just learned about those little annoying stickers on fruit and veggies. Those Price Look-up (PLU) codes actually mean something when buying produce. A PLU beginning with a 4 is conventional food, 9 is organic food, and 8 is GMO food. Who knew! So make sure you understand what you’re buying. Buy organic, whenever possible, and avoid ingredients that might be derived from GMO’s, such as Corn, Soybeans, Hawaiian Papaya Yellow Squash just to name a few.

As always I love creating these videos to hopefully inspire, bring value and a whole new perspective on how you view your health. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please show me some love by giving me a big thumbs up. You can also follow me on Facebook Instagram Twitter and YouTube. I appreciate you, I love you and until next time be kind to one another Peace, Love, Namaste 🙏

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