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Game Changing Protein

Hey guys Tricia here with Mind Body Soul. Hope everyone is doing well.

Would you like to lose weight

Increase your energy

Boost your immune system

Lower your stress and anxiety

Improve memory and brain function

Increase muscle mass

Reduce inflammation

Lower cholesterol

Reduce symptoms of depression

Improve gut health

Live a healthy active lifestyle

Now you’re probably thinking you have to spend a lot of money to achieve this. The answer is NO I already did the research and put together this powerful formula in one single packet serving.

Look no further than MBS Protein Boost The three powerful superfoods ( Ashwagandha, Beetroot Extract, Peak O2 Mushroom Blend) that have been added to MBS

Protein Boost along with a plant based protein will help you achieve better health and have you feeling good all day strong.

It has a velvety smooth taste It’s in single packet servings that you can take anytime, anywhere.

Packed with 22 g of protein

Only 121 calories

Zero Sugar Gluten Free

1g carbohydrate if you’re on a low carb diet

Registered in a FDA Facility

Good Manufacturing Practices

Made in the USA

Non GMO verified


Ask yourself with a new year upon us do you want to consciously make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle or continue the cycle you have been on for years of feeding your body with fast food, high sugar, only leaving you feeling sluggish, tired, lack of energy, bloating, indigestion, and no motivation.

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