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Get Ready to PIVOT in 2021

Hey guys Tricia here, Happy New Year 🥳

One word that sums up 2020 for me would be transformational.

We have been forced to change the direction of the world as a collective socially, culturally, environmentally for the better. 2020 was a year that wreaked havoc on the human spirit, people lost their jobs, their businesses, their loved ones, we lost hope as we experienced a complete breakdown of a paradigm that was comfortable and this upheaval had a huge impact on the world, however it was also a time for reflection a time to do shadow work, a time to be grateful, a time to learn and grow, a time to trust your intuition, a time to think for yourself and to gain your power back to prepare us for this new paradigm this new reality this New World.

2020 taught me to take complete ownership and responsibility for my own life and to really embrace and nurture my shadow side. To love all the parts of me good and bad. The first step to changing things I didn’t like about myself was to first accept them. The pandemic hit just after I launched my protein supplement! However I stayed steadfast in my work as I had to be flexible and pivot to more online sales. Which is a whole other beast, which challenges me everyday to be patient as I navigate the online world.

In my opinion we have been brainwashed for YEARS by the media and by the government. They play on our emotions, they interpret the news from the perspective to which we believe is the TRUTH as if we can’t consciously think for ourselves and make our own decisions. 2021 is a time to think for ourselves, and to take back our power! We live in a world of unlimited possibilities, however the media and the government wants us to believe otherwise.

According to many studies by neuroscientist 95 % of our brain activity is unconscious which means only 5 % is conscious. What does that mean, it means that our unconscious mind is 95% responsible for our behaviours, habitual patterns, emotions, decisions, etc., Think about huge companies they spend Billions of dollars in advertising to penetrate our subconscious and brainwash us with energy drinks, soft drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, diets, fast food, however it has only brainwashed washed us to believe that we are good enough, skinny enough, our smile isn’t perfect our teeth aren’t white enough, that we will never be successful and on and on and on...

So in 2021 It’s time to take back control of my own subconscious mind and brainwash my own mind with the COMPLETE KNOWING that anything is possible! Find your purpose and your passion and lead with that mindset no matter if people think your crazy just be you and do you! We all have a unique gift to share with the world and collectively we will be the change this world needs.

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