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In Every Crisis Lies Opportunity

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

In Every Crisis Lies Opportunity!

Since the first outbreak of COVID-19 the world has been in complete panic, fear, and uncertainty. What we are currently witnessing is unprecedented. Many of us are quarantined with no outside connections, people have turned to social media expressing their fears on the breakdown of the economy, isolation from human connection, scared of the world shutting down…

Fear is a common human instinct, (fight or flight) but if we are always, running or fighting we are putting our lives on hold and that’s no way to live.

Hey guys what’s up this is Tricia from Mind•Body•Soul. Hope you’re healthy, well, and staying positive during the COVID-19 crisis. In this video I’ll be going over some key points to hopefully give you a new perspective during this time of uncertainty.

Faith over Fear

Faith is more powerful than fear. Look if we continue to live our lives fanning the flames of fear we would never get on a two lane highway where people are travelling high speeds and the only thing dividing you is a painted yellow line. More innocent people die in car accidents every year by drunk drivers, people texting, falling asleep at the wheel etc., but yet we continue to put ourselves in these situations because we have FAITH! And FAITH IS MORE POWERFUL THAN FEAR.

Faith is a KNOWING in the deepest part of our core that we can get through any challenges we are faced with. The human species is adaptable and resilient. This isn’t the first crises we will go through and it won’t be the last but we will RISE like we always do!!

Life is Duality

Life is Pain and pleasure, birth and death, opportunities and challenges. So we must embrace this season of uncertainty. Schools, gyms, stores are closed, people are now ask to work from home, mandatory lock-down and health care workers working tirelessly and exposing themselves in the frontline of fire. This won’t last forever and the sun will shine again. We will come back from this stronger and better just like we always do.

In Every Crisis Lies Opportunity

Successful people aren’t lucky they are prepared when opportunity comes knocking on their door. So what are you going to do in this crisis? Sit back and watch TV all day, feed and magnify the fear, sleep away your days, or exaggerate the worst possible scenarios. Or will you rise up to the challenge and empower yourself and others. A midst the chaos you must call upon your higher self.

The part of you that is fearless, courageous, no excuses and thinking small. The part of you that came here to become the best version of yourself, to thrive, to live life to the fullest. So take this time to practice, learn, grow, to prepare yourself for what’s next. If your relationship with yourself, your children, your spouse is not where you want it to be then focus on healing those relationships. If you are in business for yourself this is a great opportunity to strategies, plan and visualize what that would look like, feel like and what it’s going to take to be successful, because I guarantee you this to shall pass and you will be so far ahead of the game than people who did not utilize this time wisely. You will pass your peers, your competitors, you will have taken your life to the next level.

As always I love creating these videos to hopefully bring value and a whole new perspective on how you view your life. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did please show me some love by giving me a big thumbs up. You can also follow me on Facebook Instagram Twitter and YouTube. I appreciate you, I love you and until next time be kind to one another Peace, Love, Namaste ❤️🙏 #fearless #riseabove #pushthroughthefear #becourageous #focusonyourgoals #timeforhealing

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