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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Why Don’t People Invest More In Their Health and Wellness? My top three reasons why people don’t invest in their health.

1- People take their health for granted until something major happens to them. There is no quick fix, it’s not about the latest diet trend out there, diets are not sustainable. It’s about changing your lifestyle to ensure you have a healthier future. 2- It’s to expensive to eat healthy, this is true, but people will sacrifice their health with a cheap fast food meal or something that is full of sugar and preservatives so they can buy that new dress, or that shiny item in the window.

3- People have become lazy. We live in a society where we want the results but we don’t want to work hard for it! If it’s not easy we give up not realizing that this is the only vehicle we have to get us to the end of life. So today start investing in your health! Our health and wellness is one of the best returns on our investment that there is. Which will potentially pay dividends in our later years. In my opinion, the question comes down to this. Do you want to invest in your health or do you want to continue to invest in your illness and “Big Pharma”. Do you want the cure or do you want the bandaid?Remember they make billions of dollars off of sick people!

The Western Medical Model is failing clinicians as well as their patients. It seems that nowadays anytime you go to see a doctor they immediately turn to the prescription pad and send you on your way. A diagnosis is not a death sentence it’s a reminder to make a conscious choice to eat better, exercise regularly, meditate, laugh, and play in nature. Bottom line you can pay now and live a better quality of life in your retirement years or you can pay later and everything that you have saved for your retirement will be spent on surgeries, medical bills and medications instead of vacationing in Bali and traveling the world. . #letfoodbethymedicine #investinyourhealth #investinyourself #eatmorefruitsandveggies #thecureorthebandaid #healthandfitness #exerciseregularly #investinyourmind

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