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Stop Feeding the Lies

Stop Feeding the Lies

Hey guys what’s up this is Tricia with Mind•Body•Soul, this video came to me while I was out running this morning and wanted to share it with you all.

Before I get to the white board I wanted to express that we are Infinite BEINGS because we encompasses all qualities and all possibilities. Life reflects your beliefs, emotions and actions. The stronger these are, the more apparent it becomes that life is a mirror of what you project. So every time you change the way you view life, the universe, like a mirror, reflects your new view of reality.

Abundance is our Divine Heritage, Natural abundance comes from “getting into the flow,” by doing work that brings you inner joy and raises your vibration is actually the key to abundance. Once you follow your excitement and find yourself doing work that you love, the Universe will then support your efforts, this is when synchronicity will begin to flow. It’s the Universes way of saying that you are on the right path. Opportunities, people, and circumstances will show up exactly when and where they need to be. When you stop resisting the natural flow of life, abundance will flow automatically.

Love is the only truth! Unconditional love is the only answer to all of life’s challenges. You came to Earth to learn how to love yourself and others, and to accept yourself and others completely without judgment. We all have a unique set of beliefs. And though those beliefs differ to yours, it is the inner essence of the person that you recognize, love and accept.

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