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Top Three Solutions To Your Exercise Excuses!!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


1. NO TIME – You’re right! start making yourself a priority!! I know you can find 20-30 minutes in your day somewhere! So block out 30 minutes on your calendar where you know you can COMMIT to that time everyday or at least four times a week. You can use 30 minutes of your lunch hour walking with a co-worker, you can start your day 30 minutes earlier, if you’re a stay at home mom you can take advantage of that time and work out while the kids are in school. So give yourself this GIFT of thirty minutes and remember CONVENIENT, AND CONSISTENCY ARE THE KEY TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK!! NO MORE EXCUSES!!

2. TOO TIRED – The World is TIRED and a good reason is they don’t EXERCISE on a daily basis. Exercise is a paradox, your muscles feel week and tired but that is when you should actually get a good workout in because it will RE-ENERGIZE you. Think about it, when you feel tired and you drag yourself to the gym is actually when you have your BEST WORKOUT! Usually within five minutes the blood starts to flow, the heart is pumping at a good rate giving oxygen to your brain, muscles, and tissues and you will feel ENERGIZED AND AMAZING! NO MORE EXCUSES!!

3. CAN’T AFFORD A GYM MEMBERSHIP – Surprise since when do you need a gym membership to get in a good workout. However, if the gym is the only place you can get yourself motivated then COMMIT to an inexpensive membership. Otherwise invest in some resistant bands and a couple of kettle bells. Just with these two simple items you can get a great workout ANYWHERE!

If that’s not your thing and you have a treadmill or stationary bike at home then COMMIT to using that while you watch your favorite T.V. show. If you don’t have a stationary bike or a treadmill, NO PROBLEM, during the commercials COMMIT to doing jumping jacks, ab work, burpees, if you rather be out in nature put on some ankle weights or a weighted vest and go for a walk around the neighborhood. GET CREATIVE! NO MORE EXCUSES!!

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